NSW Funding Secured!

Major News! 

MORE THAN $40,000,000 approved and allocated!  

Westleigh Park is going from a dream, to soon be a reality after a “secret” $90 million in the State Budget was allocated for local projects. More than $40M of this funding is allocated to Westleigh’s development.  

This funding will ensure successful conversion of the Westleigh Waterboard site into a recreational centrepiece for our region. This is not only a massive bonanza for the local sporting clubs, but a win for Westleigh as it will also provide multifaceted recreational open space for everyone who lives in the area.

What an outstanding result for all who have helped in this Westleigh Waterboard Alliance effort to ‘have a local voice’ towards getting a mixture of all weather facilities for all sports in this site.

Congratulations to everyone involved and those behind the scenes with WWBA to getting this for our community. This will be a wonderful asset for all of us & for our kids to use and enjoy. Thank you also for your support and drive Matt Kean (and everyone behind him as well!) – an amazing team effort that has pulled off the unthinkable!!


Martin R Dargan wrote: “Thank you to all WWBA committee and members this is great news for our local community and also the power of the collective voice. Big thanks to Matt Kean and the Hornsby council who had the foresight to purchase this land.”